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Old St. Annes

Fergus Falls State Hospital - part 5

This is the last batch of pictures of Fergus Falls State Hospital. There have been some comments on my past posts that this place isn't decayed or abandoned enough. I realize its not as rotting and peely as other places like this, or as decaying as I and many others would prefer. People still care about this place and they keep it clean. Most important, they keep people out. Which is good in some ways (no vandals) and bad in other ways (no me). Today's area was my favorite, so try to enjoy the pictures anyway, despite their lack of decrepitude!

spiral staircase to the tower that has never been used.

I'm throwing this one from July in here so you can see where we are. Yesterday's pictures were on the third floor (remember all the curtains?), and today's are on the fourth floor. Those 2 little windows behind the spiral staircase are the windows front and center under the tower. The tour guide talked about the tower but I was mostly off taking pictures. Why can't I ever just stand there and listen when people are talking? No, I have to be trying to get pictures of every damn inch of the building! I did the same thing last time, and this time I swore I'd listen. I even heard a little snippet about a ghost, but did I listen? Shame on me!

these little rooms were off to either side of the spiral stairs.

I thought for sure this one would kill my battery, but it held out till the end. Good battery!

I really love this one. See the ghost? :)
Seriously, if there was a ghost anywhere in the buildings that we went, and I am by no means saying there was, but if there was it was up on this floor.

looking back toward the stairs.

the last door on the left is a bathroom:

I loved this sink. I didn't notice till Sharon pointed it out yesterday that there is a message written on the mirror. I see "die" and possibly "die" again with something in between. Well it doesn't look like my name so *whew*! OH! Its DANNY! "die Danny die!" What is the obsession with writing "die" in abandoned buildings anyway? I always see it.

the stairs going down to the 3rd floor. See the ghost? That would be part of the tour group walking in front of my camera while I was trying to take a picture! :)

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