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I was browsing and came across this community, and figured I had to join. I'm Karen, and I live in Ohio.

The following pictures were taken on Easter, when I visited my parents, who live in Wells County (where I grew up), just south of Fort Wayne.

Some of these were taken from my car (after I pulled over), and I'm still getting the hang of my camera, so they aren't the best, but I still enjoy taking pictures and playing with Photoshop.

Old School House

For some reason, new windows were put on about ten years ago, but after that, no one seemed to do anything with the building. (I moved away in August, so I probably would have known if someone moved into the building.)

Sign of Old School House

It was built in 1897, in case it's hard to read. (It says that if you look at it when you are across from it.)

Old Barn

An old, abandoned wooden barn that sits on the corner of 1100 N and Meridian, in Wells County. Maybe a long time ago, kids lived on a farm there, and walked across (what is now) 1100 N to go to school. I wonder if they ever thought someone from the 21st Century would look back and wonder what happened, who lived there, what the did, how long they lived there, what happened to the place, and other things. History fascinates me.

Old Foundation

Apparently, the house used to sit here. I don't know what happened to the house, but I'm curious

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