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A short walk, {cross posted to a few places}

This afternoon I went for a walk, with a very cruddy digital.
I found myself in a whole new world. Where the grass was 8 ft tall, and the mosquitoes were big enough to ride. There were wild animals and birds everywhere, some making noises in a foreign language that I couldnt' understand.
I was on a historical trail from WWII, there were a few dumped items around, the path hadn't been travelled on for some time.
The grass was all around me, and the path could barely be seen through the undergrowth.
I forged on though, with my journey, though I couldn't see where I was going, or who I would meet on the way. I was lost, I didn't know which way to go, but though I couldn't see, I had the sound of the ocean to guide me.
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But the grass just got higher and thicker. It was far above my head, and I was getting more disorientated by the minute.
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I'm lucky to be alive, if I didn't have my beer, I would have died of thirst. I looked at my trusty friend and saw the light, in the distance, I could see something.
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And on closer inspection, it revealed itself to me....It was a strange, foreign structure. One that is not normally seen in everyday life. I pushed through the last of the grass and came apon another path, very old by the looks. And in front of my was the bunker.
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It looked almost beautiful sitting, hidden away in the bush. You wouldn't think it were a part of modern warfare. I moved closer, slowly but surely through the mud and leeches. Swatting away horse flies as big as elephants and mozzies with stingers as big as......barge poles.

The entrance didn't look very inviting, I couldn't see much with the light starting to fade, and my camera was protesting something along the lines of "batteries needed, no memory left and It's monday i'm not working anymore" But after beating it into submission against a big rock...I went inside.
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It was dark as hell inside, though it shouldn't have been. There were three rooms, though tiny. A lonely outpost I would think. Somewhere, where you go after coming down off a bad trip, nothing more.
The one room I went into looked very cold and not somewhere I would want to spend 10 hours of any day.
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But the view, 60 years ago, would have been magnificent. A view straight into the ocean, no treest to block your view. And any warplanes abounding.
At this point though, as my camera slowly gave up the ghost, I decided to go home, tend to my wounds. Stop the blood flow from the many scratches, shower in disinfectant and get another beer.
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I also found another structure. But that will have to wait, until tomorrow.
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