Shamper's Bluff (lindsaydobbin) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Shamper's Bluff

On both Friday and Saturday night, I went to the Old Infirmary in Halifax with my friends Jess and Rafal to do some exploring. Even though we didn't have any source of light other than a lighter, camera flash, and the odd light in the building, we did a multitude of exploring. I was scared. Very scared, actually. I'd like to say that it was "no sweat" but there is something about abandoned places, peoples lives...dieing, surviving...that gets me every time. We were walking up a stairwell for quite some time and, at each in-between-flight-platform, we would look out a tiny window at the busy city outside. While we looked out the windows late at night at all the drunken lives wandering around below, we were standing in a building where many people had died. A building where there were many heart operations. A building where families sat in rooms waiting to hear if their son survived the car accident. A building where babies were born and names were given. A building where doctors, nurses, custodians, worked hours on end. A building that was much colder inside than it was outside. A building where hope and mystery hid in every corner.

EDIT: For those of you in Halifax, would you be interested in getting a group together and going in?

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