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Abandoned Places

"In Love With Decay"

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The community is dedicated to capturing the beauty and character of everything abandoned.
A photography community dedicated entirely for those of us fascinated with everything abandoned

- The location, place, building, room, etc., needs to be the primary focus of the photo (i.e. takes up 60% of the image in question). The individuals in the photos are secondary to the place that they happen to be in.
- Advertising is not allowed in this community
- If you are looking for a new place to explore please read these two posts: post #1 and post #2 for help and safety and ethics guidance we try to encourage
- Looking for something in particular from this community? Try LJ Seek
- LJ cuts are encouraged but not required. Please dont ask anyone to cut their photos/text, and use your own judgement when posting
- Disabling comments is not allowed, and will result in your post getting deleted
- Please post an English translation alongside text in a second language
- Only post your own material (unless you have permission)
- Post your photographs directly to the community instead of text linking in 1-2 posts per day
- No harrasing, disrespecting or otherwise offensive posts or comments
- If you have questions about the content of a particular post or anything else about the community please contact one of the moderators

Content posted here is considered to be protected as copyrighted material. Reposting or reuse is illegal unless granted by permission of the original poster (artist/photographer).
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